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Hello and welcome to the Little Black Dress Project

Here you will find the files that you will need to get you super toned up and feeling great in your favourite dress.

These include:
- Success Guide
- Goals Sheet
- Perfect Portions Guide
- Meal Swaps and Dining Out
- Progress Tracker (measurements)

On page 2 you will find
- Recipe Book
- Meal Plans
- Grocery lists

It will be a great for you to print these off and keep them in a folder, because you can always return to your goals, the healthy recipes and the meal swaps and dining out info at any point.

Don't  have access to a printer? Let us know, and we'll get them printed off for you.

Let's get your goals down in writing, to get you laser focused for success.

It all starts in the mind.

The more focused you are and the more you're willing to be coached, to learn and be accountable, the better you'll do.

You can print off your Goals Sheet and get everything down in writing so that you're crystal clear about what you're looking to achieve.

Watch the video below to learn more.

To get you hitting the ground running we need to get your home environment set up for success.

The biggest myth in the fitness industry is that you can eat what you want and work out, and the weight will just fall off.

This simply WILL NOT HAPPEN. 

You need to take control of your home environment, clearing out those highly addictive junk foods, or they'll always be calling your name.

It will help if you can also clear out junk foods from the workplace (where possible) and even your car glove compartment or door compartments, if they have any sweets or bars in there.

We also need to get your nutritional intake cleaned up

We recommend that you cut your sugar intake to a minimum, and swap out those refined carbohydrate foods for more protein and vegetable options.

If you do this, you'll have much more daily energy, much better digestive health, and your body fat level will drop, giving you a much trimmer body, face and a much healthier complexion too.

Best sources of protein
- Eggs
- Fish
- Meats
- Nuts
- Beans
- Quinoa

Worst sources of refined carbs
- Bread
- Wraps
- Rolls
- Breakfast cereals and cereal bars
- Pasta (yep, even that 'healthy' wholewheat one)
- Biscuits
- Cakes

Get plenty of veg on your plate.

The more veg on the plate, the less room there is for anything unhealthy. ;0)