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Hello and welcome to page 2 of the Little Black Dress Project

On this page, you will find the files that you will need to get you super toned up and feeling great in your favourite dress.

These include:
- Recipe Manual
- Grocery lists
Meal Plans

Recipe Manual

Use these quick and easy to make recipes, that will not only get you much trimmer and feeling so much more energetic, they'll also have the exact same effect on those that share these meals with you at home.

Grocery Lists

You can use these grocery lists to pick up all of the tasty, healthy ingredients that you'll need for making your healthy meals for getting you looking and feeling amazing in your favourite dress.

You need to take control of your home environment, clearing out those highly addictive junk foods, or they'll always be calling your name.

It will help if you can also clear out junk foods from the workplace (where possible) and even your car glove compartment or door compartments, if they have any sweets or bars in there.

Meal Planner

There are some amazing meals here that you can use.

If you're unable to make these, stick to the guidelines of eating healthy, real food with minimal ingredients that are protein and vegetable based, minimising those refined carbohydrate foods (more on this at the bottom of page 1).

Are you stuck or unsure of what to do/what to eat?

I don't want to overwhelm you with a huge amount of information, but if you are still unsure of what to do, you can go onto the Rezults Members private membership site via the button below. You will find a little repeat content on there, but there is a lot of fresh content that isn't included as part of the Little Black Dress Project.

I hope that this helps you.

If unsure or stuck, just reach out to me anytime.
[email protected]