Rezults - Body Transformation Specialists

For people who want into smaller clothes and to feel super confident.

Rezults focuses on one thing and one thing only - getting you the rezults that you want. We specialize in transforming your body and getting you into those clothes in the wardrobe that no longer fit, and getting you feeling amazing in them.

Would you like to feel super confident,
and wow your friends and family? How about feeling so much more energetic? No more lethargy and bloating. If you're ready to make your health and well being a priority to you, then you will get the best rezults in Falkirk right here, guaranteed, or your money back.

We serve clients with our specialised transformational programmes of personal training, from Falkirk, Polmont, Larbert, Stenhousemuir, Grangemouth and Linlithgow.

Look through these 100% authentic images of local people just like you. This is realistically what you can achieve. You will not see rezults of this standard anywhere else locally. We are the only fitness operator in Falkirk that offers a 100% money back guarantee.

100% authentic before and after pictures from Rezults clients

  • Joanne Ellis
  • Alison, Heather and Linda
  • Denise Shirra
  • Andy Shirra
  • Michelle Rice
  • Tony Bibby
  • Carolyn Fish
  • natalie Gray
  • Alison Woods
  • Kayleigh Batt

​You can get 'fitness' and 'workouts' anywhere, but it's Rezults that delivers the life-changing Rezults. How life-changing do you think this has been for Joanne?

  • Andrena Massie
  • Anon
  • Cheryl Mitchell
  • Marie Temporal
  • Anon
  • Margaret Menzies
  • Denise Fowler
  • John McMorran
  • Joan Stephen
  • Kirsty Hyslop
  • Irene McCabe
  • Bill sargeant
  • Janice Dougall
  • Annabelle Zabala
  • David Robertson
  • Amanda Robertson
  • Lorraine Jamieson
  • Stephanie Taylor
  • William meechan
  • Louise Poole

4 stone off and feeling so much better for it. 

Wow Moments! Below you will see a number of 100% authentic Wow moments from Rezults clients, in their own words. 

  • 20 years since this size!
  • 7 inches off waist!
  • Summer shorts fit!
  • First time into skirt!
  • Work trousers now fit!
  • Back into skinny denim shorts!
  • 4 sizes down!
  • no more borrowing men's clothes!
  • new work trousers needed!
  • first bikini ever bought!

First bikini ever bought!

If you're serious about wanting into smaller sized clothes and to feel so much more confident, and you are ready to make your health and well being a high priority, then book in now for your free Transformation Session worth £49.
(Please only enter your name if you are ready to take action, will reply to our contact and are willing to change your relationship with food). If so, we will help you to completely transform your life.

How you will achieve the Rezults  that you want

Full Nutritional Re-education

There is a huge amount of confusion about 'dieting' and about what works for getting the pounds and inches off. Rezults provides you with a full, 100% no BS, re-education about nutrition, completely separate from training sessions.

Ultra High Accountability

Food is designed to be extremely addictive, and many people are completely hooked. You will be guided and kept accountable through the tracking of all meals to keep you consistently on track. It's the consistency that gets the rezults.

Top Level Coaches

Rezults only supplies the best coaches, who are super supportive, guiding you on your journey to a slimmer, happier you. Our coaches deliver the highest standard of Personal Training and nutritional education in Falkirk.

It's the Rezults that count!