Rezults Programmes For Transforming You

8 Week Body Transformation Programme
28 Day Tone Up Challenge

For when you want to drop a size, tone up and have a specific goal/event in mind.
E.G. Your upcoming birthday, or a friend's. Looking and feeling great on holiday,  your wedding or when attending someone else's wedding etc.

121 Personal Training

For those that aren't ready or able to do Group Personal Training.
E.G. You have a serious knee, lower back, hip or shoulder issue.
You will still receive all of the benefits listed above, but the training will be delivered in a 121 setting, with all of the focus on looking after you.

8 Week Body Transformation Programme

28 Day Tone Up Challenge

Both of these programmes include the following:

  • Group Personal Training 3x per week.
  • Full nutritional coaching and meal tracking.
  • Accountability to keep you on track.
  • Varied strength and cardio workouts that are always fun.
  • Massive timetable of weekly sessions to fit in with your busy schedule.
  • Free healthy recipes book.
  • Get back into your favourite outfits and look great.
  • Awesome support from others on the same journey as you.
  • Save on the cost of Personal Training.
  • Feel an amazing confidence boost.
  • Get amazing Rezults in less than 3 hours per week of training.
  • Double your money back guarantee, which only Rezults offers
  • 3x Places available only!

You can have all of the above for less than £2.60 per day. Most people spend more on Starbucks, snacking, wine or beer.