Session Times

While in Tier 3 of these unusual times, we are operating the following, on a highly accessible weekly timetable:

Individual Workouts (indoors)
We design your workouts, you show up and get in a fun, varied and challenging workout. This is the push that you need to get you toning up those muscles, and ramping up your cardio fitness too. These are delivered in our newly upgraded personal training studio in central Falkirk.

Group Personal Training (outdoors)
These group sessions are great fun, taking advantage of the great outdoors. You'll get top to toe toning along with a great bunch of supportive others.

Confidence-boosting, fun fitness; where you punch, elbow, knee strike and kick focus mitts and the upright punchbag. (Don't worry, nobody will be hitting you).

121 Personal Training sessions are arranged individually with the client.

There are sessions  early mornings,  mid-mornings and multiple sessions every evening Monday to Friday plus Saturday and Sunday mornings, so you can fit this into your life.

This timetable is large and highly accessible. If your goals are important to you, you will find times suitable for you.

We have a full online booking system that you get access to, to book in and out of sessions at your convenience.

Monday to Thursday
0600 - 0715hrs Individual workout programmes @ Rezults
0900 - 1045hrs Individual workout programmes @ Rezults
1600 - 2015hrs Individual workout programmes @ Rezults

1830hrs - 1915hrs Group Personal Training outdoors @ Callendar Park (Tuesdays and Thursdays)

0900 - 1045hrs Individual workout programmes @ Rezults
1530 - 1815hrs Individual workout programmes @ Rezults

0830 - 1015hrs Individual workout programmes @ Rezults

0930 – 1115hrs FitBoxing, outdoors @ Callendar Park