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Professional Coaching

In order to get you into smaller clothes, plus looking and feeling amazing, you will benefit hugely from an experienced coach. For the last 14 years now, Derek Thomson has been a Personal Trainer, training  clients from Falkirk, Larbert, Polmont, Stenhousemuir, Bonnybridge, Grangemouth and Kincardine.

Derek Thomson (Business Owner, Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach)

My journey took me from a bullied, scared, self-hater indulging in drugs, and other substances, to business owner at Rezults.

I was told from a very young age, that I was "a piece of s**t!" Not only that, but I was physically beaten while being made to say "I'll always be a loser. I'm a piece of sh*t!"

I had some low confidence throughout much of my life and I found myself talking to myself in my head, saying the same words I'd been forced to say.

My mum tried to help me along the way, though she didn't use a softly, softly approach. She would tell me straight, what she thought of me.

I abused myself with substances and once my family found it, I decided that enough was enough, and that I was going to get fit and healthy instead of treating my body and mind like a dumping ground.

I was a skinny 18 year old at this point, and began building myself up, which lifted my confidence a bit.

Unfortunately I was still abusing myself mentally, with those self-deprecating thoughts that I wasn't good enough and bulked up so much that I became quite fat around the gut and got out of puff going up a flight of stairs.

This wasn't healthy, either physically or mentally.

I changed my focus to eating more healthily and spent time reading up on nutrition, and also learned to speak to myself much more positively and ultimately,  started to improve the relationship that I had with myself.

Because I was still not quite in the right head space,  I worked a job (security) where I got spat on, bottles thrown at my head, abused verbally, and had my nose broken and a front tooth permanently damaged.

I had joined the Territorial Army, and got qualified as a Physical Training Instructor (PTI) and this boosted my confidence a bit further.

I got to work alongside 23 SAS PTIs at Redford Barracks, Edinburgh, training recruits from all over Scotland, and then recruits from all over Britain, while on a stint in Inverness.

Eventually the physical and verbal abuse all came to a head at my security job, and I lost my job...

on the day that my son was due to be born.

This was one of the hardest times of my life, but a big turning point for me. I'd pondered the idea of working in the fitness industry, and had acquired some qualifications and knowledge, but it was no time to make it or break it.

I started at the very bottom, in my 30s, working as a Gym Instructor for minimum wage.

I started Personal Training clients and running Weight Management Programmes and got some fantastic rezults for those involved.

It was a struggle financially, but I persevered and was soon working as a self-employed, freelance Personal Trainer.

Then I was offered a business partnership, delivering Group Personal Training and Kettlebell classes, while still helping others via 121 Personal Training and Weight Management Programmes.

I launched Rezults Personal Training & Group Fitness and soon opened the first personal training studio in Falkirk, where I've been very lucky to help so many busy, local professional people, to feel super confident in their favourite outfits.

Their success and mine, has helped to boost my own self-talk, which I can now use to help the very people that come to Rezults to get back into their wardrobe and to feel so much better within themselves.

I'm really proud of what our amazing clients, current and past, have achieved.

I never tell myself that "I'm a piece of sh*t" anymore.

I also hope that my mum, who mellowed in her later years and suffered from dementia and symptoms of Parkinsons Disease and passed away at the end of 2021, will be proud of me now too.

My top tips for you are:
- Better your relationship with yourself (please stop talking to yourself in a way that you would never speak to anyone else).
- Make your health a high priority in your life (if it's everything else first, and time for you later 'maybe' then it just won't work. Block off 'me time' and stick to it religously).
- Treat your body like you would treat your favourite car, by putting in fuel that helps it to perform optimally.
- Exercise for the mental (endorphin release in your brain, which lifts your mood) and physical benefits (stronger, fitter, better heart health, stave off osteoperosis and muscular dystrophy) rather than for 'burning calories' or 'to make up for last night's takeaway.'

Thanks for reading my story. If you'd like my help, drop me a message anytime. If I can't help you out, I'll refund any investment that you've made.

Vik Jones (Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach)

Vik was unhappy with the way that she was looking and feeling in her skin.

She went on her own personal journey and shed the body fat, reduced her anxiety and massively improved her mental health, all through exercise and nutritional changes.

She decided to quit the daily 9-5 and follow her passion, to help people that were like how she used to be, struggling with mental and physical health issues.

Vik studies mental health, covering anxiety, depression and deprecating thoughts.

Vik has developed further into using group personal training programmes as a means of helping a greater number of people, while still providing the assistance on a personal level to help you with mindset and lifestyle.