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Final 1x Place Available!

For men who want to get lean and to feel amazing.

  • Choose health over the TV, the pub, the monotony

  • Be a 'Fit Dad', that can do activities with your kids.
  • Strengthen and tone up arms, chest and waistline.
  • Feel brilliant in work shirts and suits again.​
  • Get into​ fitted shirts again, and look great.
  • Move at least two belt holes.

The 8 Week Body Transformation Programme is for busy professional men who want to escape the grind and feel strong again.


You already go to the gym, or have had gym memberships before, but you just haven't gotten the results.

You're unsure about what healthy foods actually are, because of the amount of conflicting info out there.

You feel you've 'let yourself go' a bit and need a bit of a kick up the backside to get you moving again.

You need someone to push you to ​do this, and to be accountable.

​Then you're in the right place. Now's your chance to turn it around and be moving like you're 10 years younger.

The 8 Week Body Transformation Programme leaves no stone unturned in helping you to reinvent yourself. No other programme locally includes all of the following, using our very own M.A.N.E framework:

M - Mindset. You will set goals and have constant contact, keeping your mind in the perfect place to keep you consistently on track.
A - Accountability. By being held accountable to the highest possible level, your chances of success increase exponentially.
N - Nutritional re-education. No more confusion about what is and is not going to get the pounds and inches off, and quickly.
E - Exercise, via 3x Group Personal Training sessions per week. A proper frequency of training to get you fitter, fast.

​All of this is at an affordable price, at approximately 1/3 of the price of 121 Personal Training locally.

It all starts with the application form, below.

This entire 8 week Body Transformation Programme is priced at only £3.92 per day. (Less than the cost of your lunch at the local convenience store).

******* Please note: we respect your limited amount of free time. While we'd love to help everyone, we can only help those who are willing to answer their phone, return our calls and/or reply to emails or text. We won't pester you, but we will obviously attempt to make contact in order to better establish where you're at right now and to give you some valuable free advice. If you're serious, and ready, you'll reply/answer, and we'll get you where you want to be in the coming weeks. Thanks *******

Last 1x place available before the programme closes!