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For ladies who want super confidence at the beach and pool this summer.

(Either watch the video below, or read the text underneath, for full details)

  • Does the thought of wearing your swimsuit this summer fill you with dread?
  • Are your holiday clothes not fitting the way that you want them to?
  • Will you be covering up on the beach and avoiding the camera?
  • Are you bored of the treadmill and not knowing what to do?

Would you like to:

  • Wear your shorts, bikini/swimsuit and fitted clothes with pride.
  • Get great complements on your awesome summer bod.
  • Feel amazing on the beach and at the pool this summer.
  • Drop more than a size and really tone up.
  • Look back on your holiday pics with pride.

Then the 6 Week Beginner Holiday Beach Body Programme is for you.

But don't take our word for it. Check out the social proof below.

The 6 Week Beginner Holiday Beach Body Programme gives you what no other programme locally does:

  • Awesome Group Personal Training workouts 3x per week with friendly others that will support and encourage you. (No egos or show offs, or boring treadmill training by yourself).
  • Lifestyle coaching to ensure that you are living the lifestyle to get you where you want to be. (What to eat when eating out, how to have great weekends that don't disrupt your progress).
  • Full nutritional coaching and a simple plan. (No more confusion over 'low carb', 'low fat' or calorie counting).
  • Highly accurate tracking of your progress via our high end body composition scanner (no more scales).
  • Healthy Recipes book with quick and easy, healthy meals, plus Dining Out Guide.
  • Massive timetable of weekly sessions, that will fit in with a busy lifestyle.
  • Time-saving workouts that you can do in less than 3 hours per week. 
  • Accountability of the highest order, to keep you on track.

All for less than 1/3 of the cost of 121 Personal Training locally.

This entire 6 week Beginner Holiday Beach Body Programme is only £3.52 per day. (Less than the price of your daily Costa).

Aren't you worth £25 per week? Most people spend more on wine, snacking, and eating out each week.

121 Personal Training at the local health club is £35 per session x3 per week plus gym membership over 6 weeks = £700.

This full, exclusive programme, with a 2x your money back guarantee, is only £167.

(There is a longer version of this programme available also, for those with more size and body fat to shed, and who have a longer period of time to achieve their goals).

It all starts with the application form, below.