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For men who want to shed the belly and feel great this summer.
*****There are now 5x places available on this exclusive programme!*****

  • Are you dreading the thought of taking your top off on the beach or at the pool this summer?
  • Is your belly sticking out of your t-shirts and your chest sagging (moobs)?
  • Do you have some fitted clothes at home, that you're avoiding wearing?
  • When your pals are taking pics, are you sucking in your belly?

Either watch the video below for full info, or read the text further down this page.

The 6 Week Beginner Holiday Beach Body Programme is tailored towards professional men like you, who want the belly and the moobs off, and to feel great on your summer holiday.

You will

  • Have much more daily energy, so you'll be more productive at work.
  • Get in great shape, increasing your strength and cardio fitness too.
  • Be able to wear some great new, tighter, fitted clothes.
  • Feel super confident in your favourite outfits.
  • Finally flatten your belly out
  • Tone up your arms and legs
  • Eliminate the moobs

Here's what's included in this awesome, 6 Week Beginner Holiday Beach Body Programme:

  • 3x per week Group Personal Training with others just like you (No muscle heads, egos or young lads posing in the mirror for Instagram photos).
  • Nutritional education (no more confusion over 'low carb', 'low fat' or 'shakes').
  • Nutritional accountability to keep you sticking to the plan.
  • Goal setting to specifically target your needs and wants.
  • Awesome Healthy Recipes Book with quick and simple meals.
  • Double your money back guarantee! Only Rezults has the guts to  offer a double your money back guarantee!

All of this is at an affordable price, at less than 1/3 of the price of 121 Personal Training locally.

It all starts with the application form, below.

This entire 6 week Beginner Holiday Beach Body Programme is only £3.52 per day. (Less than the price of your lunch at the local convenience store).

121 Personal Training at the local health club is £35 per session x3 per week plus gym membership for 6 weeks = £700.

This full programme, with a 2x your money back guarantee, is only £147.

There is a longer version of the programme available also, for those with more body fat to shed and more time in which to achieve it.

Limited spaces available, so apply today to secure your place.

  • If you're fed up of telling yourself "I'll do it next week" only for "next week" to never come, then now is your chance to finally shed the body fat, moobs and belly.
  • You need to commit time, money and effort to this. By making your goals important to you, you will achieve them.
  • Complete the application form below if you're an action taker and ready to transform your body and your life.