Part-Time Personal Trainer/Coach Opportunity - Closing Date For Applications: 19th March 2018

Are you passionate about helping people to transform their life through nutrition and exercise?

If so, then we are currently offering  two part-time vacancies for those who truly want to transform lives in the fitness industry.

What's involved in the recruitment process?

This is a great opportunity for you to help amazing people to transform their life while you also gain invaluable skills and experience working within a busy personal training business. You will receive on-the-job training. All going to plan, you will then receive partial pay before progressing to full pay, at an excellent hourly rate.

The process for recruitment includes the following:

Stage 1:
Informal meeting for coffee and a chat about you and your goals, plus your vision for transforming lives.

Stage 2:
Attending Group Personal Training sessions and partaking in the sessions for initial assessment.
Feedback will be given on performance.

Stage 3:
Observing sessions and completing assessment of how the sessions are coached and why.
Coaching will be provided to you here on how to deliver top quality coaching.

Stage 4:
Personal Training/coaching part sessions.
Personal Training/coaching full sessions.

Stage 5:
Four weeks of delivery of real training sessions.

Stage 6:

90 days of paid employment (75% rate per hour) delivering  Group Personal Training and potentially 121 Personal Training also.

Stage 7:
Progression to full 100% paid per hour work, at an excellent rate unparalleled locally.

Upon successful completion of all of these stages, you will earn per hour, the best rates within the Falkirk area. This is a well-paid, part-time role.

If you're serious about wanting to truly help clients to turn their life around, while earning a great wage doing it, in a positive and supportive environment, then complete the application below.

Thank you in advance,
Derek @ Rezults