M-Powered FitBoxing

Watch the video below for a quick run through of programme content

M-Powered FitBoxing 6 Week Confidence and Body Toning Programme

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6 Week M-Powered  FitBoxing Challenge includes:

  • 3x Coach-led FitBoxing (mix of boxing and kickboxing, plus body sculpting and toning exercises) per week, outdoors (beginner-friendly).
  • Mix and match with our indoor Group Personal Training and K1 Kettlebell classes whenver you like, for the extra benefit of strengthening, resistance workouts.
  • Get an M-Powered mindset through our proven psychological, motivational techniques.
  • Nutrition plan that is achievable and allows for a wine or beer at the weekends.
  • Motivation and accountability from your coach, with a proven track record for producing amazing rezults.
  • Varied, exciting, motivating workouts that are always fun-filled and will get you in awesome shape.
  • Free Healthy Recipes Book,  plus nutritional accountability (no more confusion over nutrition).
  • Large and very accessible timetable of weekly sessions covering every evening plus mid-mornings and online early mornings plus more.

You will:

  • Change your thoughts from self-criticism to self-m-powerment.
  • Get an amazing confidence boost as you become an M-Powered FitBoxer.
  • Be super consistent with your training, due to the 3x per week of sessions and a large timetable to work around your schedule.
  • Build lean muscle for amazing muscle tone via the resistance workouts.
  • De-stress and kiss the anxiety goodbye. There is no greater de-stresser than punching out any pent up tension from your body.
  • Tone up your tummy, hips, arms, legs and shoulders.
  • Drop pounds and inches, and feel amazing in your favourite outfits.
  • Make lasting changes to your nutrition and lifestyle, because you are coached and learning, not calorie counting or checking 'sins'.
  • All at 1/3 of the cost of 121 Personal Training.
  • Double your money back guaranteewhich only Rezults offers
  • 5x Places available only!
  • Apply now (below)

Below are some 100% authentic rezults achieved by Rezults clients

You can have all of the above for £3 per day. Most people spend more on their daily Starbucks or snacking.

To do this programme via 121 Personal Training 3x per week at £25 per session, would set you back a cool £450, plus a gym membership if you do it in the gym.

This full programme  with everything included, is £147 with a 2x your money back guarantee which only we offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own gloves?
- No, we provide gloves, though it's more hygienic to stick to your own pair.
- We can sell you a set of quality, leather boxing gloves at your sessions.

Do I need to stick to the same session times each week?
- No, you can mix and match the M-Powered Fitboxing sessions with our Group Personal Training sessions and K1 Kettlebell Classes so that you can attend early morning, mid-morning, any evenings and also Saturday and Sunday mornings. The timetable is super accessible.

When are the sessions?
- Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 10.30am, all at Callander Park. (But you could do one or two of these and attend one or more of our Group Personal Training sessions or K1 Kettlebell classes to help you to strengthen and tone more).

But I don't like training outdoors.
- No problem, stick to our Group Personal Training and K1 Kettlebell classes indoors, @ Rezults. The only limits are those that you set for yourself.

When are those Group Personal Training and K1 Kettlebell sessions?

- Early mornings at 6.15am, mid-mornings 7 days per week at 9.30am, every evening during the week from 5.15pm onwards, plus Saturday and Sunday mornings (yep, you can do this).

Will everyone else be much fitter than me?
- This is a common mental barrier to you achieving your goals. The answer is no, we have people come along who have literally done zero fitness for years or even decades. You can see from the images above that these are real, local people like you, that want to feel better in themselves (and they are much slimmer in the FitBoxing pics than they were when they started out).

If you're tired of the self-loathing, feeling lethargic and staring at those favourite outfits in your wardrobe that no longer fit, and you're ready to turn your life around and get a HUGE confidence boost, then enter your details below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours. There are no hard sales tactics or pestering used, and if this isn't the right fit for you we'll try and recommend something else out there. If you're in any way unhappy with our programme, we'll refund double your money, guaranteed. Fill in your details below if you're ready to turn your life around.