Toned - Energised - Confident. 6 Week Transformation.

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Toned - Energised - Confident 6 Week Transformation.

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Toned - Energised - Confident 6 Week Transformation includes:

  • 3x Group Personal Training sessions per week. (Awesome, varied and fun top to toe, toning workouts).
  • Flexible timetable of sessions early and late. You have full control to pick what ones you come to, working around your other commitments.
  • Healthy nutrition plan that allows for a wine or a beer at the weekend. (No shakes or 'miracle weight loss products')
  • Motivation and accountability from your coach, with a proven track record for producing amazing rezults. (10 years of producing awesome transformations in the local area)
  • Awesome real, local people (no posers) to train alongside and motivate each other.
  • Large timetable of sessions covering early mornings, mid-mornings, evenings and weekend mornings that you can easily fit into your schedule.
  • Healthy Recipes Book, plus weekly recipes and challenges to keep you engaged.

You will:

  • Feel amazing confidence as you see your body toning and love what you're seeing in the mirror.
  • Tone and tighten your waistline, hips, arms, legs and shoulders.
  • Drop pounds and inches, and feel amazing in your favourite outfits.
  • Get amazing Rezults in less than 3 hours per week of training.
  • All at 1/3 of the cost of 121 Personal Training.
  • Double your money back guaranteewhich only Rezults offers
  • 3x Places available only!
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You can have all of the above for £3 per day. Most people spend more on their daily Starbucks, Costa or on snacking.

To do this programme via 121 Personal Training 3x per week at the gym in the retail park, costing £35 per session, would set you back a cool £630 (plus you would have to pay their gym membership, bringing the total to £700.

This full programme  with everything included at Rezults, is only £147 with a 2x your money back guarantee that only we offer.

**** We have created 3x new slots on this challenge only.****

**** Apply below for your place before they're gone ****