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Hi, and welcome to the additional mindset coaching page of the Rezults membership site.

​Your mindset IS THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for you to be changing your lifestyle and getting the rezults that you're looking for. By investing time in working on your mindset (via this coaching and other sources) you will be making an excellent investment in YOU.

Please put some time aside for watching this content and taking action.

This membership site is being updated weekly. In this section you will currently find the following:

  • How To Overcome Resistance and Smash Through Your Goals
  • More On Resistance and How To Overcome it To Achieve Goals
  • Pitfalls (Things That Make You F**K Up On Your Journey To A Slimmer You)
  • How To Keep On Progressing While Ill, Injured and Your Comeback
  • Your Healthy Lifestyle Vs Your Freedom
  • The Number On The Scales Vs... (If you are focusing on the number on the scales and are frustrated, watch this!)
  • Food Is Not A Reward And Fitness Is Not Punishment