Hi, and welcome to the Rezults membership site. Here you will find an amazing resource for coaching on nutrition, mindset and exercise also.

Some key things to do:

1 - Block off some time in your diary for accessing this material and learning.
2 - Action what you've learned.

You can do extremely well in getting into smaller clothes and getting a huge confidence boost over the coming weeks and months. It will only work though, if you learn and then action what you're learning here. Now take out the diary and block off some slots of time for accessing this material and I'll look forward to seeing you in a session soon.


Getting Into The Right Mindset To Succeed.

This mindset shift will really help you to get better rezults.If you want into smaller sizes, to get much fitter and toned up, and to feel super confident in your favourite outfits, then you need to have this approach.

It's time to take ownership. Get to it and I'll see you soon.

Some handy guides to get you on the right track asap


Confused about nutrition or simply "don't know what to eat"?

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A mindset exercise to empower you, boost your confidence, and reduce anxiety. Give it a go. You'll feel really relaxed afterwards. This was delivered to Rezults members by Lorraine Jamieson of LJ counselling & Therapies

Injury and Pain Resolution via trigger point therapy/aka myofascial release. (Doing this really helps to improve your flexibility and range of motion also)

Full Nutritional And Mindset Coaching

Some Super Quick Tips
When Choosing Leafy Greens, Go Dark
How To Beat The Guilt For Better Rezults (PDF)

Module 1
Focus, Clarity and Goal Setting
Realistic Weight Reduction
Clear Out time!
The Hierarchy of Food
Things That Can Prevent Weight Loss
Epsom Salts

Module 2
Desire, Resistance and Excuses
Are You Actively Accountable?
BANT Advice
Resistance Training

Module 3
59 Seconds 5 Day Diary
Attendance Frequency
Blood Sugar Levels
Exercise Technique For Safe, Injury-Free Training

Module 4
Prioritising For Success

Module 5
How To Have An Awesome Cirle of Influence For Great Rezults

Module 6
How To Deal With Crabs (People That Try To Drag You Down)

Module 7
Moderation and Consistency
Make A Pledge
How To Read Food Labels (Vitally Important)
Progression (How To Keep On Progressing)

Module 8
Are You Ready To Leave This Coaching. Remember, No Excuses!
It Doesn't Matter What You Know, It Matters What You Do
Trigger Foods (Important), Protein
Home Workouts

Module 9
Goals Review/Renewal
Are You Still Posting?
Fats and Carbs (The Truth)
Other Workout Types

Module 10
The Mindset Of Those Who Succeed At This (Your Blueprint To Success, Effectively)
Accountability Elsewhere In Life
Reasons You Might Not Be Losing Weight (Vitally Important To Use If You're Not Progressing As Well As You Could)
The Next Big Thing

Module 11
Nature Vs Food Processing
The Best Type of Workout

Module 12
Food Addiction (Important)
Spot Reduction

Module 13
How To Stop Holiday Weight Gain Now

Module 14
Going Backwards (Regression) and How To Prevent This
Lesser Accountability = Lesser Results

Module 15
How To Add Life To Your Years Via Natural Foods (Vegetables and Fruits)
Can We Eat To Starve Cancer? (Shows the Causes of Cancer, With Diet Being The Single Biggest Factor)

Module 16
The Truth About Supplements and Shakes

Additional Mindset Coaching
How To Overcome Resistance and Smash Through Your Goals
More on Specific Examples of Resistance and How To Overcome Yours
Pitfalls (Things That Make You F**k Up On Your Journey To A Slimmer You)
How To Keep On Progressing While Ill or Injured, and Your Comeback
Your Healthy Lifestyle Vs Your Freedom
The Number on The Scales Vs... (if you are focusing on the number on the scales and are frustrated, watch this!)
Food Is Not A Reward And Fitness Is Not Punishment

Additional Nutritional Coaching
Healthy Alternatives To...
How To Make Healthy Mayonnaise (Jamie Oliver)
Healthy Alternatives To Your Daily Bread PDF
Rezults Healthy Recipes Book
Healthy Snack Ideas
How To Make Your Porridge Much More Interesting (and Tasty!)

Trigger Foods
Cheat Meals - To Cheat Or Not To Cheat
How To Make Quick and Easy Healthy Breakfasts

How To Keep On Progressing While Ill, Injured and Your Comeback
The Importance of Recovery Days/Bouts