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Hi, and welcome to the bonus content of the Rezults membership site.
There is some great advice for you here for helping you in truly changing your life around through healthier nutritional choices, awesome workouts, being surrounded by a great bunch of people, and ultimately getting into smaller clothes leading to a massive confidence boost.

Please make use of the info here. ACTIONING this info is what will make the biggest difference to you in terms of your success. It doesn't really matter what you think you know, it matters what you DO! So please get to it and I'll really look forward to seeing you in smaller clothes, looking and feeling amazing soon.

This membership site is being updated weekly. In this section you will currently find the following:

  • Healthy Alternatives To...
  • How To Overcome Resistance and Smash Through Your Goals
  • More On Resistance and How To Overcome it To Achieve Goals
  • How To Easily and Quickly Make Healthy Mayonnaise (Jamie Oliver)
  • Healthy Alternatives To Your Daily Bread
  • Rezults Healthy Recipes Book
  • Tips For Being Prepared When Outdoor Training
  • Healthy Snack Ideas
  • How To Make Your Porridge Much More Interesting (and Tasty!)
  • Pitfalls (Things That Make You F**K Up On Your Journey To A Slimmer You)
  • How To Keep On Progressing While Ill, Injured and Your Comeback
  • Your Healthy Lifestyle Vs Your Freedom
  • The Importance of Recovery Days/Bouts
  • The Number On The Scales Vs... (If you are focusing on the number on the scales and are frustrated, watch this!)
  • Food Is Not A Reward And Fitness Is Not Punishment
  • Trigger Foods
  • Cheat Meals - To Cheat Or Not To Cheat