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Hi, and welcome to the flexibility and mobility improvement section of the Rezults membership site.

Your flexibility, mobility and range of motion can really improve through regular stretching sessions. Like anything else though, you have to do it frequently for it to really pay off well for you. If you can use these flexibility and mobility workouts either every day, or every second day, you will notice a massive improvement in your posture and your flexibility, and you will notice that aches, pains and stiffness in your body will subside.

Recommended actions:
Take out your diary right now and block off time for stretching either every day or every second day. It only takes a few minutes each time.
This can be your time for relaxing and unwinding after a busy day, or taking a break throughout the day when your mind is becoming overloaded with work and other commitments. This time is really valuable for keeping you relaxed and focused also. You will feel much less stressed through taking this time out for YOU.

This membership site is being updated weekly. In this section you will currently find the following:

  • Body weight flexibility, mobility and a little strengthening exercise also.
  • Stick mobility and flexibility workout.

All you need for this next one, is a broomstick. You can pick one of these up for free from Rezults. Just ask at a session.

Flexi Fit Flexibility and mobility workout. The audio was bad on this one, so I've muted it out. Just put on some relaxing music of your own, and follow along doing the different stretches. Relax and enjoy. DT

This session below, has a lot more breathing work, with light mobility and flexibility. This is a great session for de-stressing you while also improving your movement. Enjoy.

This Flexi Fit session is all about de-stressing. There is a bit more time spent on breathing and relaxation near the end of the session. You'll feel great after you've done it.Give it a go. What have you got to lose?

Flexi Fit - Breathe & Relax

Flexi Fit - Relax, unwind and improve your movement. Take the stiffness out of your body and you will find that you feel so much better both mentally and physically.

Flexi Fit

This session focused on de-stressing you.

You will feel like a whole new you at the end of it.
 Enjoy. :0)

Flexi Fit

This session will have you super relaxed and feeling amazing, and will remove your stiffnesses, aches and pains at the same time.

Put a little time aside for you.

You're worth it.

You deserve a bit of relaxation time from the daily stresses.

Your body deserves to move like it's 10 years younger also.

Use the mobility and flexibility in this session, plus the relaxation breathing, to make you feel and perform great.


Flexi Fit

Another super relaxing, session where you will improve your body's ability to move, and also take time out for helping your mindset.

Make time for you.

You're worth it! DT

Flexi Fit

A really relaxing and de-stressing session, which will also help eradicate stiffnesses, aches and pains in your body.

Flexi Fit

There are some great rotational stretches in here, for helping your lower back and hip stiffness.

At the end, you get some lovely relaxation time also.

Enjoy. ;0)

Flexi Fit

This session will really limber you up, and you'll feel so relaxed afterwards also. Enjoy. ;0)