Hi, and welcome to the Rezults membership site. Here you will find module 1 of our signature coaching programme, which we call our 'MANE Framework'. This is an acronym for Mindset, Accountability, Nutrition and Exercise. You will be coached on all of these to get you exactly where you want to be over the coming weeks. No other programme locally includes all of these important factors, which are ultimately what's required to get you into smaller clothes and feeling much more confident. Make full use of this content because it really can help you to transform your life.

Here are all of the modules currently accessible. Each week a new module will be added with more content. You can skip straight to any of the content by following the buttons below, or you can go straight to module 1 on this same page and do them in sequence.

Module 1
Focus, Clarity and Goal Setting
Realistic Weight Reduction
Clear Out time!
The Hierarchy of Food
Things That Can Prevent Weight Loss
Epsom Salts

Before you go anywhere, you need to have greater clarity on where you are right now. Once you've done that, then you're ready to set your goals.

It's important to be realistic about weight reduction. We're doing resistance training here, to build a bit of lean muscle tissue in order to keep your metabolism up, and to give you better shape. This can impact upon weight reduction, but the end result is vastly superior. Be patient.

The first thing that you need to be doing once you've gained clarity on your current position, and have set your goals, is to clear out all of the junk foods and 'treats' from your home that are not serving you. These foods have gotten you where you are and be sure not to kid yourself on that you can simply ignore their being there, because you won't. Rather than relying on willpower, take action and clear out!

A No BS guide to the foods that will get you into smaller clothes, and make you feel so much more energetic. Also the foods that have gotten you where you are now are listed in there. Have a read and use this as your shopping list of foods that will help you to turn your life around.

There are several things that can actually prevent you from shedding the pounds. It's important to 'tick all of the boxes' in order to give yourself the best chance of shedding pounds and inches.

Reduce your muscular soreness A LOT following your workouts, with some hot baths using epsom salts. These also reduce inflammation in your body, and they cost peanuts.