Hi, and welcome to module 2 of the Rezults membership site. Here you will get further education on mindset, accountability, nutrition and exercise. You will be coached on all of these to get you exactly where you want to be over the coming weeks. No other programme locally includes all of these important factors, which are ultimately what's required to get you into smaller clothes and feeling much more confident. Make full use of this content because it really can help you to transform your life.

Module 2
Desire and Resistance
Are You Posting Meal Pics?
British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) advice
Resistance Training - Why We Do This

Your desire can be your greatest asset of all, and your resistance is your greatest nemesis.

Accountability meal tracking works. Even some of our long-term and super successful clients still post their meal pics because they know that it helps them massively to stay on track. Are you posting yours yet? If not, then why not?

The British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy provides you with excellent, untainted (by food cos), honest advice that will serve you extremely well. Make use of it and it will change your life.

'Eat a rainbow' in order to get the full spectrum of nutrients that will have you feeling great and keep illness at bay.

We use resistance training workouts to build a bit of lean muscle tissue while you use the nutritional changes to get your body fat coming down. Lean muscle burns calories, is for strength, and gives you great shape. If you want properly 'toned' then you need resistance training, not cardio workouts.