Hi, and welcome to module 3 of the Rezults membership site. This time we're focusing on helping to change your mindset via a simple 5 day diary from the book '59 Seconds' by Professor Richard Wiseman. Then we'll look at the importance of attending regularly, before looking at food company marketing BS. Finally you'll learn about the importance of recovery days.

Module 3
59 Seconds 5 Day Diary - this will give you a great mindset with only a tiny time commitment
Attendance frequency - attend regularly to be 'in the loop' and keep progressing
Food Company Marketing BS - never trust what a food company says
Recovery Days - you need your rest and recover days in order to get fitter

Use this simple diary to change your mindset in literally a couple of mins per day for the next 5 consecutive days. It works.

Attending regularly keeps you surrounded by awesome people who are working towards something, and gives you all the more contact, help and accountability. Make sure that you block off time for coming in before life takes over.

You can't trust anything a food company tells you.  Beware the 'healthy' selling points on their packaging. They have no morals, and will happily directly market their sugar-laden junk foods directly to little kids, and sell you tap water in a bottle for more than £1 per time. Don't believe me? Then read the article in the handout.

Make sure to take recovery days to get fitter. Overtraining can happen if you're in all the time. You get fitter when resting, not when working out.