Hey guys,

Here are a load of the online workouts that we've been doing .

You can do these whenever you like, at your convenience.

It will get your day off to an amazing start, and you'll be buzzing for the rest of the day.

It's great to be in your living room, helping you guys to keep active, de-stressing and boosting your immune system at this crucial time.

You can get the whole family involved, and be active together. Keep on doing these workouts, and also the mobility workouts that are also on this site.

As I record the other workouts from here on in, I'll upload them into here and you can do the workouts whenever you like.

I hope that you really enjoy these.


How To Make Your Online Workouts Kick Ass!

I've put together a short and simple guide on how to make your workouts much more enjoyable.

Basically, the bigger the screen and the more clear the audio, the better the experience will be for you.

Hit the button below to view/download the guide.

You can find a load of recorded sessions on this button below, or scroll down for a large range of other onilne workouts.

Animal Flow Bodyweight, Kettlebells + Abs

Some challenging body weight animal flow exercises, followed by a kettlebell superset that works hamstrings, glutes and lower back hard, then some ab work to finish off.

K1 Kettlebells - Upper Body, Abs, Cardio Blast

This workout will work your upper body hard.

There is also some awesome cardio work via stair runs or step ups (the choice is yours).

As always, there will be some challenging ab work also.

K1 Kettlebells - Tough Lower Body Workout, Plus Arms + Abs

This one is a toughie on the legs in particular!

K1 Kettlebells - Legs, Shoulders, Back, Arms, Core workout.

This one is a toughie!

K1 Kettlebells - The Ladder!

Can you complete 'The Ladder'?

The Human Stopwatch

"How much longer"?

The Human Stopwatch will decide. ;0) 

K1 Kettlebells - Do The Twist!

This is a killer abdominal workout, working on rotational strength in particular.

K1 Kettlebells - You Pick!

We asked our members what exercises they would want to do during the workout, and then put together a great workout for them.

Bodyweight Blitz

This is an awesome bodyweight strength session, working all major muscle groups.

There is also excellent mobility of the spine, due to the twisting movements.

All you need is your own body weight.

Cardio, Abs + Flexibility

This is a cardio workout that will get your heart rate racing.

There's an awesome 'abs ladder' afterwards, and some extra flexibility work, to help you to get limber and take the tension out of your body.

All you need is your own body weight.

K1 Kettlebells - 

50, 30, 20 Challenge.

Can you get all the reps?

For this one, below, the goal is to complete 35 mins non-stop.
All you have to do is do these 6 exercises, for the target number of reps/time under load/number of breaths.
- X-Men x 20 reps
- Wall Sit 90 seconds
- Dips Behind Back x 20 controlled reps
- Russian Twist x 30 reps each side
- Pike on 1 leg, x 25 breaths
- Step Ins x 30 each leg

Go from one to the next, with minimal stoppage time.

You don't have to do them in this exact sequence. Just keep doing one and another until 35 minutes have elasped.

You can use your phone 'clock' app as a timer, or if you don't have a timer handy, use 30x breaths instead of 90 seconds. Enjoy. ;0)

The session below is an awesome body weight only workout, using tough intervals. Give it a go. You'll be buzzing afterwards.

This tough K1 Kettlebells workout below, will work your strength and cardio both, and will leave you feeling amazing afterwards. Give it a blast.

On the group session below, 1x person does 50x Step Ins per side, to determine when everybody gets to move onto next exercise.

All you need do is follow along with the others and change exercises when the others do too.

Give it a go...

if  you dare. ;0)

Tough K1 Kettlebells workout.
See if you can do all the moves non-stop, if you dare. ;0)

For the workout below, your challenge is to achieve as many Squat Thrusts (Alternating legs) as possible in 33 minutes.

You can do as many or as few reps of these in one go, but you will need to take breaks from Squat Thrusts.

So each time that you take a break, you must perform a different exercise from a list, for 25x reps, before you can return to working on more Squat Thrusts.
Here is the list of exercises that you will do in between your bouts of Squat Thrusts:

When you work through them all, doing 25x reps, if you end up doing a second set on some of them, you will then do 15x reps.

All you need is a hand towel and your own body weight.

Let me know how you get on.

1. Side Bend On Hand R25x15x
2. Side Bend On Hand L25x15x
3. Back Lunges Alternating25x each15x
4. Hands by waist press-ups25x15x
5. Burpees25x15x
6. Towel Dry your back25x each15x
7. Window Wipers25x each15x
8. Press-Up position 1 hand25x secs each15x each
(Other hand out to side)

Here  are the scores achieved by others who did this session:

Martin 700
Yvonne 1095
Carrie Ann 670
Lisa Lake 790
Linda Prattis 205
Jim Prattis 465
Leigh 750
Roxy 150
Craig Wright 422
Rachel 500
Ann S 450+
Linda McP 400
Nicole 450
Bryan 1056
Lauren N 600
Gary 975
Chris 930
Amy McKean750
Laura Carswell 350

Below is a tough group session with a bunch of new, challenging body weight exercises.

The most important thing to be able to move, is yourself. Here you get your body moving in all sorts of ways, hitting all muscles from head to toe. You can use a kettlebell on the Gladiator Getup exercise in this workout also, if you choose to.


K1 Kettlebells.

Some great variations on some awesome kettlebell exercises here.

Give the Folding Windmill a go, and let me know how you get on.

Enjoy. ;0)

Here Viktor takes you through an 'Active Recovery Workout'. This is a lesser intensity session, that you can use when you are already fatigued from other workouts, as it's not nearly as taxing on your body.

A tough legs session using Tabata intervals, with Viktor. Enjoy.

This is the first of the online group sessions outside of the K1 Kettlebell sessions, where we've added in additional resistance in the form of a kettlebell. If you don't have a kettlebell, don't worry. You can use a dumbbell, or even just use body weight only. Enjoy.

K1 Kettlebells - On the workout below, you have the following exercises and reps to do. If in doubt, instead of counting your own reps, just change exercises when I do, because I do the entire workout with you.

The finisher is a beauty.  Enjoy. ;0)

Plank Pass Through20, 15

Overhead front lunges R (holding in left)

12, 9
Hollow Hold Flutter Kicks30, 20
Deadlifts Alt20, 20
Floor Cleans Alt

20 eaach side, 20 each side

Overhead front lunges L (holding in right)

12, 9
KB Swing to Squat20, 15
2 Arm Swings1,2,3,4,5,6,7,7,8,9,10

Can you complete 100 Floor Press-Ups during this session? If so, you get bronze. If you can achieve 150 Floor Press-Ups, you get silver. If you can achieve more than 200 Floor Press-Ups, you achieve gold. So which are you going to get? Gold, silver or bronze?

K1 Kettlebells - Abs Assassination

This is a killer abs workout. After every third exercise, we go onto 2 ab exercises. This continues throughout the entire workout. 

K1 Kettlebells - awesome workout with tough leg work.

This workout will really strengthen and tone your legs all over.

Try this Pre-Exhaust workout.

You will really feel the target muscles working. This is a total body conditioning workout.

Enjoy. ;0)

Give this K1 Kettlebells workout a go, if you want to hit all of the major muscle groups in the body, and feel great.

Here you have a challenge, with a number of exercises to work through, doing 1 rep on each, then 2 reps on each, then 3 and so on and so forth.

The challenge is to get up to at least 7 reps on each exercise.

If you really want to go for it (like Tracy) then you can aim to get all the way up to 11 reps per exercises. Enjoy. ;0)

K1 Kettlebells

Here your goal is to complete 33 mins of non-stop exercise, changing from one exercise to the next as quickly as possible.

Shadow Boxing Sessions with Kicks and Knees

Core workout

Animal Flow Movements

Weights and cardio only workoutxt here...

Group PT - Thomson Tabatas

22 seconds working time, 8 seconds recovery time. Be quick to keep up.

You'll love it.

Here we have a basic fitness test that you can do every few weeks, and see if you can beat your scores.

Have a pen and paper handy, plus a kettlebell and mat.

 That's all you need.Have fun. ;0)

In this workout you'll work your abs on every 2nd exercises, working 'supersets'. This is a tough, but awesome workout. Get to it and let me know how you get on.

Group session Tabata/ 30/10 intervals. Tough!

Today's online group session.

A little bit of Tabata intervals to begin, followed by 30/10 intervals x6 per exercise.

It's a tough one. Are you up for the challenge?

K1 Kettlebells.

The 100 Windmills Challenge.

Are you up for the challenge?

Tough Group Session

Only 5 seconds in between each exercise.

Are you game?

K1 Kettlebells

This one is a toughie. Give it a blast and let us know how you get on.

Heads I win, tails you lose.

Whatever side of the coin you get, you do an exercise.

Have your kettlebell at the ready, for an awesome workout.

No stopping now. Enjoy. ;0)

This sessions features quad sets (4x exercises done back to back) and then you have a killer ab finisher at the end.

Finish off your abs LIKE A BOSS!

Let us know how you get on with this workout.DT

Group PT - Ab Tastic Session

Work your abs super hard at this session.


K1 Kettlebells - To Do List

You'll be busy beavers with this 'to do' list.

Get to it for a full body, ass kicking workout.

Group PT

1 of you will complete 30 Twist Sits.Only when the 30 reps are completed, does everybody get to move onto the next exercise.

It's a toughie. You'll feel great afterwards though. ;0)

Shadow Boxing

Here we have an energetic, calorie-burning, total body, tough cardio Shadow Boxing session.

Get to it. You'll love it.

Partnered workout on the Focus Mitts

Get partnered up with a set of boxing gloves and a set of focus mitts, and you can get in a fantastic workout via this session.

Group PT

A challenging mix of exercises to tone you up from top to bottom. Enjoy. ;0)

K1 Kettlebells - Thomson Tabata Full Body Workout

This kick ass, full body Thomson Tabata workout will work strength and cardio both.

Use this workout to get the most bang for your buck from your exercise time.

Group PT

You have a list of exercises.

Do them in any sequence that you like, for a total of 35 mins.


there is no stopping allowed.

Can you complete the challenge?

Group PT

5 Mins, 2x exercises. No stopping now. ;0)

Group PT

3x Tri Sets.

This is a full body, awesome workout for strength and mobility.

K1 Kettlebells

This one is a tough workout with minimal stoppage time, that hits every muscle group in the body.

You'll feel great afterwards. ;0)

Group PT

This is an awesome, tough workout.

Let's see if you can do each block of 10 mins working between the 3 exercises, non-stop throughout.

Group PT

This one is a really tough leg workout.

No more skipping leg day.

Get working on those pins. ;0)

Group PT - Thomson Tabatas 8x 22 8 Intervals

It's another awesome Tabata (well, my version of Tabata) interval training workout that will tone you up from top to toe.

Group PT - 'The Human Stopwatch'

This is a challenging and great total body workout, where you will use 'the human stopwatch' to determine the duration on each exercise. Enjoy. ;0)

K1 Kettlebells - Turkish Getups Whole Body Workout

Another full body workout with kettlebell, that has the infamous Turkish Getups as part of the workout. Enjoy. ;0)