Super Time-Efficient Workouts (4-15 Mins)


No matter how pressed you are for time, you can fit in a 4 minute workout.

Here you will find several short workouts that are very time-efficient, that you can use whenever your time for exercise is limited.

let me know how you get on with them.

Incredible Time Saver Workout! 4 Mins Is All You Need.

This 4 Minute Tabata Stair Run Workout requires zero equipment, and will get your cardio fitness working hard.

No matter how tight your schedule is, or how little time you think you have, you have 4 minutes to do this.

This session will get your day off to an awesome start.

This will get you out of your PJs, focused, determined, and feeling energized for the rest of the day.

And best of all, it's super time-efficient. ;0)

You have 15 minutes.

Lets make the absolute most of them and hit this workout without rest times.

You can stop after 15 mins, or you can do one more round if you dare. ;0)

Fit in 15 30 10 intervals

Get your day off to an amazing start with this super quick, 15 mins workout.

There are intervals of 30 Secs work time, 10 secs rest time.

This is a challenging and very time-efficient workout. You'll feel great afterwards, and it's a great trade off for only 15 mins of your time.


Fit In 15

Another cracking, super quick workout.

Fit In 15

Save time. Do a super quick workout in only 15 minutes, that will work both your strength and cardion. There's no time to waste. Get to it.